August 12, 2015

Writers Police Academy Conference...

The work has begun! Assembling raffle baskets at my house for the upcoming Writers Police Academy Conference... I'm looking forward to attending!

Basket Creation Day 1

Ready to Roll

Thank you Sue and Susan!!!

Hard at work!!

Basket Creation Day 2

Over 40 baskets assembled today with the help of my 
sister-in-law, Diane.

Getting ready for the next round of Basket Creations.
Thanks Mom for the assist at checking them in.

Basket Creation - Day 3 Begins
(Baskets Just Kept

Back to Work...


All Done! Mostly...except for stragglers that may roll in.
I've got that

The Aftermath....

I want to thank Sue and Susan for helping with all this hard work. I couldn't have done it without you.

I'd like to thank my sister-in-law Diane for spending a day with me putting together baskets, and my mom for helping out along the way. Thank you ladies!  We make a great team.

I'd also like to thank our husbands for their efforts in this project. Sue's husband for holding down the fort, and taking care of the naughty cat, while she drove up from Illinois to assemble baskets. Susan's husband deserves a big round of applause for loading up his van each time and dropping the baskets off at the Academy event site in Appleton. 

And to my husband, Patrick, for carrying in all those darn packages and disposing of said same packages once they were small feat. 

Job well done, everyone!

July 28, 2015

Fun at Conference - New York Style!

Hi, everyone. I just got back from conference, and wanted to share some fun photos. 

Besides the stress of traveling, and coming down with a cold on my first day there...I had a great time. 

Here's the fabulous view from our 27th floor room overlooking Times Square!

The first night was a blast, with Annette Bower, Me, Susan Berger, and Char Chaffin having drinks and dessert at Junior's, directly across from our hotel.

The second night I went to see a Broadway Play, ON THE TOWN, with Char Chaffin and Susan Berger. A lot of fun was had.
The next day our fabulous publisher, Debby Gilbert, invited Char and me along for a walk through Central Park to the Zoo. After viewing the fun animals, we took a long boat ride around New York. 

I was able to see the World Trade Center's Freedom Tower, The Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, and the Brooklyn Bridge, as well as many other awesome sites.

Authors Dinner - With Debby

Times Square after an entertaining and scrumptious authors dinner At Ellen's Stardust

The next day, Debby took some of us to Little Italy for a Five Course Meal. Can you say FULL! But, Yum!! 

Here's Karin and a BIG bottle of Red Wine (and yes, we killed it) - along with Lori, me, Char, Debby, and Dawn.

Dawn and Debby in Times Square.

Lunch with my BFFs, Char Chaffin and Callie Hutton. 

Our last night in New York, at the Rita Awards Ceremony

Rebecca and Char

Char and Me, under the monster vaginas on the
What were they thinking!

I hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane for the 2015 Romance Writers of America New York Conference!